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Working with foreign business to facilitate entry to the local market, local establishment, and legal licensing through our strong ties with related official channels in Saudi Arabia. Move with confidence today and adapt faster to the local market through the right market orientation program that we provide.

Investor Networking

Our firm is acquainted with a vast local network of private investors who are always searching for the right opportunity to expand and grow. Finding the right local partner is the NO.1 concern among foreign investors looking to expand into the local market. We have cultivated our network with a mission to specifically address this challenge.

Public-Private Partnership

As the Saudi economy focuses increasingly on growth and optimization through Public-Private Partnership and privatization, it has become even more important to build the right private incubators and vehicles that specialize in this type of investment. Our lead consultant in this sector brings strong experience with Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and specifically Public-Private Partnership.

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